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Stophe's Minds Eye View of Mirthwood before we broke ground.


Mirthwood is the home that Stophe and Shawn designed and built in Brooktondale, New York.  It is based on the earthship design from solar survival press, and earthship biotecture.  It also has a straw bale portion, as well as some other technologies.  It has taken us about 3 years to build and move in (tentative move in date is May 1, 2009).  The cost of this house has been about the same as a custom house.  It has about 1600 sq. ft. of living space in that main house, plus a solarium that is about 500 sq. ft. within the house.  We tried to keep green/natural/local building in our minds as we made choices for our house.  The concept also includes a number of recycled materials.  The work was done predominantly by the two of us and our friends.

If you are interested in one of these areas about our house, click on the subjects below.

You can also check out the videos on the youtube website or watch on the embedded viewer below.



Please add any comments you have - there is a section on each page for comments.  Or go to my newly posted reddit at:




Below is a link to the temperatures and humidity around Mirthwood

Temperature and Humidity



Technologies at Mirthwood Rooms in Mirthwood Friends Materials Land and Landscape

 Grey Water Recycling

 Rain Catchment system

 Well and Plumbing


 Passive Solar

 Straw Bale Construction

 Tire Walls

 Plaster and Earthen Floor

 Radiant Heating

 Wood Stove

 Single Membrane Roofing


 Septic and Sewage

Master Bedroom

The Downstairs Pod

Front Bathroom



Dining Room

Living Room

Back Bathroom

Guest Room/Computer Room

Utility Room



Thanks to all the people

who helped out

Local Wood

Paints, Stains,and Finishes







Initial Excavation


Around the Area

Ground cover/Gardens







  Stophe Landis and Shawn Malarcher - copyright 2008

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